Our Goals

  • Industry-wide education on MAAC's success in lobbying SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP to recognize MENA as diversity category in official Casting Data Reports. 

  • Education on creating a space for the MENA community to be included within diversity hiring practices. Previous inclusion of MENA performers in the Caucasian category created an uptick in dangerous hiring practice and a lack of fair representation, and was also a complete erasure of MENA in the subject of inclusive hiring practice.

  • Work hand in hand with Studios, Networks and producers to educate them on the new language, MENA, now built into the industry and how to actively  create more fair and balanced portrayals of MENA in TV.

  • To help eliminate grossly stereotypical and fetishized roles for MENASA performers.

  • To remove all barriers of misinformation of MENA, the diverse region of the world that spans across approximately 22 countries; includes almost half a billion people; and embodying a variety of religions. 

  • To inform and educate the Industry at large of the dangerous Islamaphobic impact unfair representation has had.  

  • To work hand in hand with the Casting Society of America to implement the new Casting language into all Breakdowns.

  • Continue to actively engage all unions SAG-AFTRA, WGA, DGA, PGA on our mission and coalesce the MENASA communities within each Guild to seek MENASA status and begin inclusion committees and educational practices within each union.

  • To be a resource for the industry at large on subjects regarding the writing of, the portrayal of characters and stories rooted in the MENASA regions of the world.

  • To eradicate the fear and shame associated with being of MENA background. Without visible heroes from this region, along with poor representation in Hollywood and the current political climate many MENA people have become ashamed or scared to identify as MENA.

  • To be included in the discussions on the importance of representations.





No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive.      

Mohandas K. Gandhi