Who We Are:  

Founded by Azita Ghanizada, a MENASA actress in the United States. MAAC began when she was informed she was considered caucasian by a major Television network. She realized that in the new world of diversity and inclusion, an entire region of the world was being erased. It became no longer palatable to exist in in Hollywood without a coalition that advocated for MENA Actors and the increasing issues surrounding their images.

She began reaching out to fellow MENA performers, Amir Talai, Assaf Cohen and Amin El-Gamal (pictured left). Together they successfully began collecting their stories, gathering crucial data and speaking directly to their Unions leadership and organically MAAC was created. MAAC is led by actors for actors, and is assisted by wide-reaching, well established organizations nationwide. MAAC believes as actors, our images and stories are often the first and only portrayals of Middle Eastern, North African, South Asian people being sent into the mainstream. The hope of MAAC is to engage our Unions, Studios, Networks, Producers and FilmMakers to provide them with a wealth of resources from our pool of diverse artists, as well as a national support system from our advisory council to help build a more balanced and positive MENA universe.